Tuesday, 31 May 2016

5 simple ways to be healthier and stay on track

A quick fitness post from me today! I wanted to share a few tips that I have found to be beneficial in my own life and I can apply to everyday life. Health is all about balance, which can sometimes be hard to find, but with time and consistency you will get there!

  • Never miss a Monday- starting your week with a healthy and balanced breakfast and a great workout will ensure that you are set up for success and in a healthy mindset for the rest of the week. Starting off each week right will keep you more motivated to work towards achieving your goals

  • Be prepared- this point is crucial. 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail' this quote rings true.  Having your meals and snacks prepared and ready to grab will mean that you are less likely to reach for the wrong foods. The number 1 reason why we grab bad foods so often is because they are quick and easy and more often than not can be eaten instantly, so if you have all your healthy choices ready made you don't have any excuses!

  • Find Healthy alternatives - food is fuel, so fill your body with good fuel! I love cheesecake Oreo balls just as much as the next person but finding healthier alternatives will help you stay on track. This gives you the chance to experiment with new foods, try switching cupcakes for healthy homemade blueberry oat muffin or some yummy energy bites, you can see my recipe here. Small changes, one at a time will make a big difference in the long run.

  • Don't deprive yourself- leading on from my previous point, yes it's so important to regularly fuel your body with whole foods but you also need to indulge now and again. Becoming too obsessed with your diet can have negative effects, if you allow yourself to live by the 80/20 rule you will be less likely to binge on every sugar coated pretzel you see in sight, allowing yourself treats as part of a balanced diet will stop you from feeling guilty when you do choose to indulge! Balance is key.

  • Don't criticise yourself- start practising self love a little more, workout because you love your body and fuel up with good food because you respect your body. Beating yourself up because you don't look a certain way won't won't improve your health. Finding balance is hard but as long as you make healthy choices each week you are well on you way. Healthy choices do include choosing to be kind to yourself, we are so quick to give other people compliments, why not try giving yourself at least 1 compliment a day! 
I hope these tips were helpful and you can easily apply them to your everyday life! I have personally found these tips to be very beneficial in my own life so I hope you do to! 

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Something Embellished

It's officially Friday!! Hello weekend. I'm loving this sweater from H&M, it's pretty much your everyday black sweater but with some weekend fun attached, embellishment can just completely transform an item of clothing! I love that this sweater can be dressed up or down, here I dressed it down with a casual pair of ripped jeans and a fedora. This was the perfect location to shoot this outfit and the lighting was more than perfect!

Sweater:H&M/ Jeans:H&M/ Fedora: Aldo/ Shoes: Zara/ Purse:Forever 21

Photography by Kelsey Peyton

Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend loves.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A subtle pop of colour

I personally love a pop of colour in make up for spring/summer, but I'm just never brave enough to go all out. That's why I prefer to use a tinted lipgloss to give just a subtle pop of colour! I find that it is a lot more wearable for everyday and I personally feel a little more comfortable. Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy summer make up look that everyone can feel comfortable wearing.

Starting with foundation, I'm still loving this Fit Me foundation from Maybelline. I like the fact that it is hydrating and smoothing, perfect for those warmer days, I find this foundation super easy to mix in with a moisturiser and then it really feels light on the skin.

Just concealing any dark areas and blemishes with my NYX above and beyond concealer, still loving this concealer, it blends seamlessly into the skin and lasts all day.

Filling in my brows with the usual NYX Tame and Frame Brow pomade and finishing them with a coat of the Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel. Love this combo.

What's summer without some bronzed skin? I'm warming up my face with NYX Matte Bronzer in the shade 'Medium'. If you couldn't already tell NYX is my favourite drugstore brand! I just applied this to my temples, cheeks and down the bridge of my nose.

For a little glow I used Hard Candy Glow All The Way in the shade Tiki. I dusted a light layer of this all over.

Keeping the eyes simple I took Elf Smudge Pot in the shade Cruisin Chic. I am a huge fan of smudge pots, they are so versatile! You can use them as a base or completely on their own, I personally like them for summer too as they are feel lighter than regular powder eyeshadow.

Simply adding a thin line at the lashline using Rimmel Scandal Eyes Precision micro eyeliner. This eyeliner works great it has a very fine end and does give you a very precise finish, it's also incredibly easy to use. I'm adding a light layer of NYX Doll eye masacara before I add some lashes.

Finishing off with that pop of colour I am using Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in the shade Pin Me Up. This colour looks very bold in the packaging, but as you can see once you apply it to the lips it is more of a hint of colour. I also love how juicy and shiny this lipgloss looks, it isn't incredibly long lasting but that's okay, I'm yet to find a lipgloss that is! 

I think trying out a tinted lipgloss is a great way to experiment with a little more colour rather than going for a full pigment lipstick.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Friday Night Stripes

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It was a great experience working with a friend on some photography this weekend! She did a great job on capturing these images and has a great eye for photography. I'm excited to start working more with her in the future, you can check out Kelsey's photography blog here.

I love how simple midi/maxi dresses are for spring and summer. They only need minimal accessories and I love to pair a bold pair of sunglasses with this black and white striped midi. I have to admit as much as I love layering it feels good to keep it simple with just one easy layer.

Midi Dress: Acemi/ Purse: Forever 21/ Sunglasses: Ardene/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Bracelets: Dynamite/

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Photography by Kelsey Peyton


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

All About The Brows - Eyebrow Tutorial

Hello loves! I wanted to post a quick eyebrow tutorial showing you how I fill in my brows everyday! I've been doing this for a good while now so I fill my brows in pretty quickly each morning, it just takes practise. 

Everybody's eyebrow shapes are very different so your routine may vary but I just wanted to share a few tips and tricks I've learnt along the way!

Brow time!

I always start by brushing up my brows making sure they are looking neat and tidy. This is the point where I like to look for any stray hairs and pluck them away. 

Next I will mark out where my brows need a little filling in.. 

I always start by taking my brush and lining it up with the side of my nose right up to the start of my eyebrow, this where you want to begin filling in the front from.

To find out where your arch should be, again line up your brush against the side of you nose and place it on a diagonal, the brush should cross directly across your iris. Here is where you fill in your arch.

(FYI I'm looking away here so it's not going through my iris, but I'm already aware of where my arch should be)

Finally line up your brush with the edge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye and up to the brow bone, this is where your brow should end.

For the front part of my brow I always like to use a colour that is a little lighter, so for this I choose NYX Tame and Frame brow pomade in the shade 'Blonde'. 

My brush of choice is always a small angled detail brush.

I'll always use brush stroke motions to keep the appearance light and to appear more 'Hair' like.

For the rest of my my brows I like to use something slightly darker, using different shades can make the brows look more natural. 

I used a combination of the two matter brown shades from the Maybelline 'The Nudes' Pallette.

I will then begin to fill in my arches on the top and bottom, since my brows need a lot of attention I have to fill in the top and bottom of my brows. 

Again using light brush stroke motions to try and maintain a natural look. Be sure to fill in all the way to the end of your brow, but keep it thin and tapered on the ends!

Brow gel is a new obsession of mine! I love this one from Essence, it's a great dupe for the Benefit 'Give me Brow'. 

Brow gel is a great way of adding some subtle colour and definition to your brows and helps to keep them in place all day long!

I will brush the brow gel all the way through my brows, being careful not to brush too much through the inner part of your brows, remember we want to keep them looking a little lighter at the front!

This brow gel has little fibres that give the appearance of fuller thicker brows.

This is my before and after brows! For me brows are such an essential part of my everyday make up look they help frame your face and draws more attention to the eyes.

I love having a neat and polished brow, I have to admit my favourite products for brows is always a pomade and gel, so I would recommend trying out a few.

How do you fill in your brows? What are you favourite brow products?

Let me know!

Thanks for reading..

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